Techno Yarns Pvt. Ltd is  a registered company under Companies Act since 1999. We  work as selling agent and buying agent for different types of yarns. We also offer yarns for exports from India.

Yarns To Offer

Offer 100% cotton ,P/C, P/V, 100% Viscose, Blended, Filaments and Worsted Yarns from India.

 Services to Buyers

Help our associates to find the sources where the required Yarns is available readily or with minimum of Lead-Time, from India.Negotiate the prices on behalf of customers and make them available the best deal . Also we inform to the customers their required yarn prices at regular interval of time.

Yarn Parameters

Assure that the quality of the supplies made to customer is as per the International  Standard and their requirements.

Services to Producers

Acting as selling agent insure timely payments and create market awareness for products , create markets, settle disputes etc.

Other Products

In Addition to the principle line of business in Yarns, we deal in Knitted fabrics , Woven fabrics , Towels , Socks , Vests & Stock Lots of yarns.